Hi, my name is Linda and I'm the baker and creator behind Dollop Bakery.

Let me tell you a bit about how Dollop Bakery came to be.

I'm a graphic designer by trade, but I love baking and using my creativity to create beautiful things that look great and taste even better. I grew up in Finland baking alongside my mother and grandmother for as long as I can remember.

The baking we did was always very simple and as down to the basics as possible and that is still very much the way I approach baking. Simple, from scratch, with good quality ingredients.

After moving to Canada and participating in countless family get togethers, parties, and events with dessert tables

full of treats cut in halves or even quarters (my mother in law's signature move) I thought "wouldn't it

be great if everything was bite sized so you could try a little bit of everything!?"

And that's where the idea for Dollop Bakery started.

Since then, I've been perfecting my craft, creating many different types of baked goods, getting inspired by flavours in other countries, getting very excited in baking supply stores until finally in 2017 I registered my business.

The dream is to keep making adorable bite sized treats in creative flavours for many people to enjoy

and perhaps having my own shop here in Burlington some day over the rainbow.

Thanks for reading and supporting a (very) small local business!

licenced home bakery

What is a licensed home bakery? It means my home kitchen has been licensed as a food premise by the Halton Region Health Department who regularly inspects it. It also

means I comply by the food & safety rules they have set when preparing your order.

Dollop Bakery is a registered Ontario business

with a valid business license from the City Of Burlington.